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I Need Help of a Different Kind...I Hope This Doesn't Offend Anyone...

I am writing a story...sort of a Death Goes on Holiday/Meet Joe Black. I want the medical people to act as they should in the prologue of this story. I want them to give some semblance of proper medical advise. A man who has been in a coma for a month dies while his spouse is in the room. When the patient dies what would immediately happen in that room? What would be said. What procedures? When the spouse gets hysterical, what would happen? How would his shouting and stuff be dealt with? Would he be shouted at? Hauled from the room? Given a sedative? If so, what kind?

When several minutes later, the patient suddenly coughs, after having NO vitals whatsoever, what would happen?

When the patient appears to have amnesia, what would happen? How long would it be before he was released? Would he be released to go home with a spouse he is not married to and has little to no memory of. How long would he be kept for observation?

I told you this was weird... But I have been trying and trying to find and answer, and haven't even found a place to start. My PSP will charge me an office visit to answer the questions!

PLEASE do not laugh or delete this post. I need help and I need it rather quickly...

**nods with respect to everyone in the medical community**
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