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OK, I really hope some one can help me. I was so embarrassed and scared I made a new account just to ask this question. This is my problem an I'm going to be as honest an open as possible.

I have been having anal problems for the last 6 months, the last month and a half have been very bad though. In the beginning it was like my feces was to big to get thew my anus. This happened a 3 times but I had bought the anal medicine that you stick in, and about 30 minuets later you have diara. that was a while ago, and now its started up again but I fear I might have made it worse. I tried medamucil for a while, but it made my feces almost soggy and it just slid out, I some times didn't even know if I was going or not. So I stopped and now its like a build up almost. Its just like before again now though, my feces is very dry and seems to big to leave the hole. So going to the bathroom is at sometimes very uncomfortable experience.

Should i stick to medamucil and just take it like every 2 days or something ?

Some one also told me that anal sex often leads to these problems and though my husbands penis has never entered me in this way, his fingers have. Is this a factor in my rectal behaver ?

I em 22 female 195lbs.
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