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Bladder worries. Bleh.

Hey. Uhm.. my name is Sarah, and I have a question (o' course).

About three or four weeks ago, I experienced - for at least a week and a half - urinary urgency and frequency. Though it may sound abnormal, I probably had to urinate every fifteen to thirty minutes, and sometimes had the urge to empty my bladder as soon as walking out of the bathroom. I experienced no burning sensation during or after urination, had no difficulty in urinating, had no cramping, and no pain in the area of the kidneys. I didn't notice an increase in urine production but in the sensation of having to urinate. I saw my physician, was asked all the mandatory questions that led nowhere ("When was your last period?", "Has your thirst increased?", "Is there a burning when you urinate?", et cetera), and was prescribed an antibiotic as a precautionary move. I also gave a urine sample that came back negative for bacteria. After a week and a half of bladder craziness, it stopped for about five or six days; and now, for the past four days, it's slowly been coming back. Right now, it's not so bad that it keeps me awake at night, but it definitely has me worried. I can't say what causes it, but I think I might have a slight idea (too much caffeine because I tend to consume quite a bit of soda, or not enough vitamins, even if it sounds.. odd). Any ideas? Input would be muchly appreciated.

P.S. - If you read all of this, you're awesome. Thanks! <3
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