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back trauma - fluid filled sac.

My dad is 55, extremely fit and muscular - weight trains/cycles everyday.
He is an avid motorbike rider, and did a track day at the weekend at Donnington in which he had an accident - the guy in front of him came off and my Dad hit his bike which threw him into the air and he came down back first onto this blokes bike (a back breaker - wrestling stylee).

My Dad is very bruised but is fine apart from a fluid filled sac that he now has on his back - where his kidney is on 1 side.
Because my Dad is fine - can walk etc - he will not bother the doctor/hospital.
I am very worried about this fluid filled sac.
It is 5 days since the accident , the sac hasnt got bigger or smaller.
My dad is continuing cycling and weight training, but he is finding it very uncomfortable to sleep on his back.
He says when he presses the sac it is very painful - a stinging pain.

I just wish to know what this sac may be filled with? blood? puss?
If this sac needs to be drained by a doctor? or will it go down when his back has recovered?

Anyones experience will be appreciated.

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